Never give up..
Day whatever-whatever. Here are my new roomies!

Day whatever-whatever. Here are my new roomies!

Looking up, looking down

Day 4? I have to remind myself that my body will get used to the pain and it’s mind over matter. I’m incredibly sore from rehearsals. The day was going well and then something happen tonight that literally made me sick…I don’t even know what to do.. :( my heart will just have to get used to the pain as well..

Day 2..well day 3 officially I suppose
Tough day. Felt heavy. But part of the cast had a wine night on the roof which was fun. Really bonded with some of my roommates which helped a lot with how I’ve been feeling. I miss my boyfriend so much… We work 6 days a week and 8 hours a day for rehearsals sooo I’m looking forward to going out or doing something Saturday night and not having to worry about getting up on Sunday.

Day 1

Rehearsal was okay, it could have been better.. I’m thinking about taking up Spanish web classes. Tried it today and really liked it. Got lost in the city..soooo that sucked a bit. Had a family dinner with my roommates which was cool. Skyped my boyfriend and basically broke down..overall today has just been really emotional. I’m still just really sad. Tomorrow we have vocals soo hopefully that goes well. I like Disney and the atmosphere. It’s not stressful but for some reason I am making it that way. I just can’t think straight..